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Calculate Your Private Keys

Before using any of the features below please carefully review all the warnings on the homepage and all the information that appears in HOW TO USE THIS WEBSITE. Your safety is our utmost concern. Bitfi, Inc. and the Bitfi Foundation were created in order to advance the adoption of cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets by providing the ultimate security. 

First and foremost, please make sure that you download the software at the link below. Once you install and open the private key generation software, make sure that you disconnect your computer from the internet (either by turning off WiFi or disconnecting the ethernet cable for wired stations). Once you are done using the private key generation software:

  • Clear your cookies and cache (For best protection we recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser).

  • Close your browser and restart your computer.

  • Only after restarting your computer you can now reconnect your internet and resume using your computer. 

Bitfi Key Generation Software 

This download contains two applications to generate your private key for the desired currency - one that requires the public address along with your salt and phrase and another that only requires your salt and phrase. The application that does not require a public address assumes that the user input is correct. The application which requires the public address will reject an incorrect salt or phrase. 


We recommend that you download and save both applications. 

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